Sunday, 26 May 2013

Making plans...

I'm happy with my slow progress of my 'clean up' list thus far:

Mathilde Blouse
Truffle Dress 
(I decided to scrap this project, I don't really think this dress is my style)
Baby Quilt
Robot Pyjama Pants x 2
Dr Who Pyjama Pants

Cross Stitch:
Yoda Snowflake

Coffee Cozy
Gap-tastic Cowl
Oversized supercomfy scarf

So now as soon as this blasted exam is over and done with I'm feeling that I can move onto bigger and better things!

A little bit of this... 

And maybe a bit of this...

: )

Friday, 29 March 2013

I'm still here!

No, I haven't disappeared.. I'm still here... You can find me cramped in the small space I have made for myself in my cubby house of medical text books which are currently surrounding my desk.. 

In my regular procrastinating periods .. ah, I mean well-deserved study breaks .. I'm planning, scheming how I will spend my dedicated sewing time. 

So hopefully very soon there will be less of this..

And more of this : )


Sunday, 3 March 2013

Progress Report

Unfortunately very soon after I posted 'The Clean Up', I received in the mail all the required reading and pre-course learning objectives I was expected to complete prior to beginning my schooling! As a result, things may be a little quiet on the sewing/knitting/general craftiness front for a little bit, whilst I try to squeeze the recommended 24 hours of personal study per week (She said WHAT?) into an already full schedule of attending lectures, full-time work, gym, housework, sleeping, eating, etc. 
But that does not mean that I won't get itchy hands from time to time.. And I've already crossed two things off my list : )

The coffee cozy
Woohoo! First buttonholes

And my oversized super comfy scarf
(haven't taken a photo of the completed work.. but I'm sure you get the idea)

Which, by the way, has led me to realise what an absolute delight it could be knitting in the winter (it's been disgustingly hot in Melbourne lately)

Lauren  x

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Clean Up

Whilst trying to organise my desk for the beginning of the semester (going back to Uni this year :p) and looking at the insane mess of fabrics, threads, buttons all for different projects, I realised that I currently have 11 items sitting around waiting to be completed.

Mathilde Blouse
Truffle dress
Baby quilt
Robot Pyjama Pants x 2
Dr Who Pyjama Pants (for the geeky younger brother)

Cross stitch:
Giraffe (to be used for a pillow)
Yoda Snowflake (for next years christmas decorations - I know, getting ahead of myself here)

Coffee cozy
Gap-tastic Cowl
Oversized supercomfy scarf

I'm calling this my confessional post, as I'm hoping that by declaring it to the online community it will spur me on to actually finish at least several of these projects before school starts again... the countdown has begun.

Lauren x

Building the stash...

First of all .. Thank you Scoopon! Pay $30 for a $100 voucher for Rathdowne Fabrics? ... Don't mind if I do! 
It's the first time I've been and the staff were so lovely and obliging, particularly being a newbie and having no idea what I'm doing!
Being a budding sewer I'm still becoming familiar with all of the different types of fabrics, what works with what, etc. but I know what I like, and instead of blowing all that cash on fabrics that I may never use, I bought some very sought after patterns, that had been on my wish list since I started sewing.

Very, very excited to get cracking into some of these...

And some loooovely fabrics ... : )

So many ideas wooshing around and no idea where to start.
Anyone else feel like there aren't enough hours in the day?
Alright, better get cracking!

Lauren x

Monday, 11 February 2013

Not just for Nanna's

So, I know that I said this blog would be all about my adventures with sewing, but on a recent hiatus when my machine was at the Doctors, I found myself with ridiculous amounts of creative energy and wanting to make something. So I learnt to knit. With the help of Craftsy, I undertook the 'Knit Lab' class (highly recommended if you've never picked up knitting needles in your life) with Stefanie Japel

I am officially converted.

 And so here it is, my first ever knitting project, complete! It's a free pattern called 'It's a cinch' which you can find here on Ravelry (if you're already on there, add me!! I love making friends!!) and it really is, incredibly idiot proof. I highly recommend it as a beginner pattern. It was such a pleasure to see a great result after a nice, small project, highly satisfying.

And because I can, I made one in red, cos.. well.. it goes faster.

And just to prove that knitting isn't just for Nanna's, check out this AMAZING video clip from New Zealand punk band Steriogram. You can thank me later...

Steriogram - Walkie Talkie Man

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

In my sewing corner

I love love LOVE checking up on what every one else is working on. I don't know if it's just me but I get some serious sewing jealousy happening whenever I see you all matching up your pretty fabrics with such lovely patterns!

So here is my contribution ...

Following on with my I <3 Tilly theme... (And yes, slight stalker tendencies have arisen in me since I discovered sewing blogs...)

I'm all ready to begin my Mathilde Blouse : )

The true fabric colour is better shown in this second picture.

So what's on your sewing table?

Lauren x